any one using ZONEMINDER?

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any one using ZONEMINDER?

Postby joeb » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:38 pm

I know agreenfi1 made a post asking for the URL for RTSP stream (C5900) using zoneminder.
what are the setting used for the tab General and Source:
* General
Name ( i know this doent matter)
Source Type ( this has to be Remote- right?)
Function ( i will change this to motion - when i set up correctly)
Enabled ( check marked )
Linked Monitors
Maximum FPS ( not sure what number to put )
Alarm Maximum FPS
Reference Image Blend %ge (default was 7)
Triggers (default - None available)

* Source
Remote Protocol (i have HTTP)
Remote Method (i have Simple)
Remote Host Name (username:password@ -is this right?)
Remote Host Port ( i have 81)
Remote Host Path ( i got this from other post rtsp://
Remote Image Colours (default 24 bit colour)
Capture Width (pixels) ( i put 640)
Capture Height (pixels) ( i put 480)
Preserve Aspect Ratio
Orientation ( defaul normal )

I already have port 554 forwarded along with the other port for my camera.
i have camera set up on the same network as the router and dedicated Linux Mint12 box.
Zoneminder is setup just need to make camera work on it.

Thanks to all that respond and help. :D
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