Esky Wireless Color Video Transmitter and Receiver for Vehicle Backup CameraFront Car Camera
Esky Wireless Color Video Transmitter and Receiver for Vehicle Backup CameraFront Car Camera
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  • 2.4G Wireless RCA Video receiver/transmitter avoids complicated wiring, to be used with in-car monitor, head unit, DVD player and camera, etc

  • An ideal wireless RCA video transmitter & receiver kit for car rearview camera, converts a wired rearview camera into a wireless

  • 100m working range, suitable for larger vehicles, small trucks, cars, vans, and RVs, etc

  • Stable signal ensures higher quality image and easy installation

  • Easy to install, to be used with in-car monitor, camera, etc

  • Worth every penny
    June 29, 2014
    I purchased a new touch screen receiver for my truck and they wanted $100 for a backup camera so I decided to buy this one from Amazon for about $65 less and I am very glad I did. The AV cable plugged right into the back of my receiver and it took about 1 hour to run the cable to the back of my truck and hide the wires. The first issue I had was that the mounting arms are so long that they covered up the "month" and "year" stickers on my license plate and I figured I would be asking to get pulled over by the cops if I left it that way so I used a hacksaw and cut about 3/4" off each side on the ends of the mounting arms which still gave plenty of room on the mounting brackets to attach it using the license plate screws, no big deal but I think they could have allowed for that when they designed the brackets for the camera. The picture quality is very good and the wide angle lens covers a broad spectrum behind the vehicle which is good. I have not used the backup camera at night yet so I will have to see how it works in low light situations.
    Over all I am very pleased with the camera for the price and the on screen line markers and adjustability of the camera are a nice feature as well. I would have given a 5 Star rating if not for the bracket issue, I assume they are trying to make the camera work on license plates in countries that have longer plates than we have in the US on something like that.
    • Four Stars
      July 26, 2014
      very nice. night vision could be better though
      • Five Stars
        July 29, 2014
        Fantastic for the price!  Hooked up ease.
        • The distance lines and installation are great!
          August 8, 2014
          This thing is very clear!  It's combined with the 4.5" tft monitor I got in Amazon as well, for our backup camera, and it works perfectly!  The distance lines and installation are great!
          • The viewing angle is really wide.
            August 10, 2014
            The viewing angle is 170 degree ( not 180 degree). I bought some kinds of cameras and see that this angle is biggest.
            • This camera is awesome, installed it in my 2010 avalanche it works ...
              August 14, 2014
              This camera is awesome, installed it in my 2010 avalanche it works great has a great color picture. this is the one to buy folks!!!!
              • I Feel Safer now
                September 4, 2014
                This Camera worked wonderfuly and does a better job than the one that came with the GPS. Thanks for a fantastic product.
                • Nice clear wide picture
                  September 5, 2014
                  Nice clear wide picture. I have a cheap head unit so I had to take the camera out and flip it over to not get an upside down view.  Wish it had infrared.
                  • Five Stars
                    September 5, 2014
                    Has been working fine for over 2 months with a lot of rain
                    • I love it
                      September 9, 2014
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                      Package Contents
                      - 1 x 2.4G Wireless Transmitter
                      - 1 x 2.4G Wireless Receiver
                      - 1 x User Manual
                      - 1 x Warranty Card

                      Seller Warranty Description
                      - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
                      - 12 Month Replacement Warranty
                      - Lifetime Support Guarantee