Vehicle Backup Camera, Esky Rear View Camera Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LED


Vehicle Backup Camera, Esky Rear View Camera Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LED
Vehicle Backup Camera, Esky Rear View Camera Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LED
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Color :
  • PERFECT VIEWING ANGLE : classic 135° perfect view angle design design could fulfill most demands of driving forward or backing up

  • 7 INFRARED LED : provide you a better performance in dark space to guarantee safe driving

  • HIGH IMAGE QUALITY : 1/4 Inch Color CMOS, Resolution: 420 TV lines; effective pixels: 628 X 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels

  • SUPER NIGHT VISION: Super night vision capabilities with 7 LED lights for improved visibility and back-up image capabilities

  • WATERPROOF: IP67 waterproof casing to prevent damage and give you a clear viewing in various weather conditions

  • Just Enough Hardware
    December 19, 2011
    This Camera came with "Just Enough Hardware", so that i could install it in my "2002 Yukon XL". If i would have ran the cable(Video/yellow/about 20') from the head unit to the left or right side, of the vehicle then continue to run the cable to the back of the truck, i would have needed a male to female, extension for the Video Cable. Which would have cost more money, yet glad i didn't need the extension cable

    While installing the Camera, I didnt want to tap into any existing stock vehicle wiring, so since i had an amplifier that was being used for my audio, I just ran the " 12 Volt/ Red Wire/+", to the remote terminal/wire(usually blue wire on amp.), and the "Ground Wire from Camera/black/-", to the Ground terminal of the amp. That worked out well and kept me from having to tap into vehicle wiring. If u do not have an amp like i do, then u may need extension wires for the power supply to the camera as well.

    Mounting the Camera; instead of using the tag bolts, and mount the Camera to my Vehicle Tag, there is a nice little spot directly up under the lift gate where the camera fits like it was made to fit there when they made the vehicle. I used an all adehesive tape that had velcro on the other side, which allowed me to not drill holes. Also i noticed Fog setting in where the LED's were as i were mounting the camera. May need to seal Socal Waterproof Cam. (-1 star)

    Installation; was simple. Make sure that you have a reciever that has RV(Rear View) input/video. If u do not have a Head Unit/Radio/ Reciever, then u will need to purchase one separately or just get a monitor for the rear view camera, that will sit up front with you somewhere. Overall, did not have to drill holes, ran video cable right out of the back liftgate, installation was very easy, took less than 20 mins to install.

    Vehicle; if u have a vehicle shorter than a " 2002 Yukon XL", then the Video cable should be plenty long
    Picture Quality is plenty good for a Reverse/Backup Camera. Wont see other Cars Tags unless they are up on u pretty good. Has green yellow and red lines to indicate distance of objects behind u. You must gage for yourself to know the exact distance each color represents, by trial.
    I would highly recommend this product, for the price i paid ($9.00) I luv and those who sell product through them.
    • Rearview Camera on my 2006 Car
      February 9, 2012
      Who says you cannot get the same gadgets new cars are offering now on your older model cars? I've purchase this product with my new DVD Radio for my 2006 Kia Sportage and it works great with my DVD radio. It has a very nice picture, and it activates even when the radio is off. Will definite recommend.

      Thank you :-)
      • So far it works great.
        July 15, 2012
        I purchased a new radio for my 2010 Camaro, which had the connection for a back-up camera.  I purchased this back-up camera because it was inexpensive and with the ir lighting, it would help when backing-up at night.  I had Best Buy install everything. The camera was installed on the top portion of license plate with the existing license plate screws. They did a great job. It works great!  Its larger than a normal back-up camera because of the ir diode's.  After I've had it for a while I'll add more to the review.
        • Great Product
          September 24, 2012
          Works great but the wires that conect to the power are pretty small and hard to work with. I installed the camera on a Dodge Ram and could have used a longer cable to hook up the video.
          • Good value
            October 1, 2012
            The picture on this unit is far from HD but is plenty clear enough to do the required job and it is a good bargain. It is my second one because the first one got water in it so I set the position I wanted and put a good coat of silicone on this one.
            • great product
              January 23, 2013
              works great perfect service , fast shipping , and just the way a was describe highly recommended , works super ,
              • Five Stars
                January 26, 2013
                Great Product and fast shipping!!!
                • Great camera
                  February 6, 2013
                  This camera works very well...much better than the $100 units that are sold in stores. The IR lighting is great. Very easy to see when reversing at night.
                  • backup cam
                    February 10, 2013
                    Works great for the money. Picture is clear even at night. More than I expected for the money. I would recommend this to anyone.
                    • Back up camera
                      February 28, 2013
                      It works great.  Is good day or night & very helpful on a large suv.  It doesn't work as good when it has rain on it, but that isn't the camera's fault.  I would but them again.
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                      -- Image device: 1/4 Inch Color CMOS
                      -- TV system: NTSC
                      -- Effective pixels: 628 X 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels
                      -- Resolution: 420 TV lines
                      -- Power supply: DC 12V